iMoveiLive - Album Review

Jaysen Gold

“Brand New is full of heart, great lyrics and killer instrumentation. Often times unsigned artists use drum loops and midi keyboards to make up their sound, “Brand New” features live instruments, raw background vocals and the writing credits make up a who’s who of the Nashville songwriter scene. Download this album and share it with your friends. Get Brittany to autograph anything you have nearby because you soon will get to say, 'I knew her when.'”

Americana Music Journal - Album Review

Paul T. Mueller

“Brand New is billed as the debut album of Nashville singer Brittany Spriggs. At five tracks some would call it an EP, but maybe that’s just semantics. Either way it’s fair to call it a radio-friendly first outing for an up-and-coming country artist. Country by the current Nashville definition, that is – glossy pop with a bit of twang. Spriggs’ father, Nashville guitarist and songwriter Michael Spriggs, produced the project and plays acoustic guitar, accompanied by a competent cast of fellow Music City veterans, including past or current members of Little Texas and Jason Aldean’s road band. All of it is in service to Brittany’s voice, which sounds great – from soft and warm on the quiet ballads (“Deeper,” “I Don’t Know”) to powerful on the rockers (“Full Moon Friday,” “That Song Was Better Than You,” “Undone”). Whether the material is distinctive enough to make Brittany Spriggs a star remains to be seen, but Brand New seems like a promising start.”

iMoveiLive - Album Walk

“Behind ever album there is a story. These stories make the album worth so much more to the artist. For this reason when a bad review is written it’s hard for the artist to understand why. Because of this we have created an interview format that will take the artist through the each story that brought them to the completion of the album. The goal is to help bring the artist’s fan closer to the artist and hopefully help to make the fan feel the same as the artist when the album succeeds and or fails. Each question is designed to help bring the fans to understand why. Today we interview Nashville raising star Brittany Spriggs.”